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Dean Martin and "Return to me"

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Now that the ADP deadline is past and I have a little more time to hunt some of these things down,

I think of this every time I feel out a Schedule C

Karaoke Time


Oh Schedule Cs

How I hate to report fees

What I lack, What I lack

The info that I lack

I abhor

Oh Schedule C

For my heart, it detests thee

Worrisome, worrisome

All these fees, worrisome

Where to start

Oh D-O-L

But this form is so sorry

Forgive me

And please wave the big fine

The schedule C

It came back with an error

What to do, what is wrong

Its messed up, whatd I miss

Its my fault.

Oh schedule C

Just how do I report thee?

Direct comp, not 5 thou

Oh no wait, its not that

It is more

Oh schedule C

Oh my dear Im so silly

Dont attach, dont attach

To SF, Dont attach

Oh this form.


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