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Many employers are not aware that printing and distributing 1095C & 1095B forms satisfies only part of their ACA employer shared responsibility.

Now they must produce the various documents for IRS filing. The IRS has a totally new information system for this purpose. It is called the Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) Program and it is the only way to file for employers submitting over 250 Form 1095’s.

While the IRS has tried to make the process of filing these ACA forms straightforward, it is a new complex and technical undertaking. To complete your filing with the IRS you must prepare a Form 1094C which contains information about your organization and the percentage of full-time employees and their dependents that were offered coverage. You also need to prepare a special document called a manifest and collect all of the electronic versions of 1095C forms.

Since providing ACA efiling is my sole focus I have put together some 'Insights for the Adventurous" and would be pleased to share my experiences with the AIR Program. Attached is a document that outlines what to expect..Comments and suggestions are welcome.

ACA Efiling Insights ver 1.0.pdf

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