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COBRA election period

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when does the COBRA election period begin?

e.g. date of termination of employment i 5/6/16; medical coverage ends 6/1/16

The Notice was given 5/12/16; notice indicates Election formmust be received no later than 7/11/16

I would have thought the ex-employee had 50 days from 6/1 or 7/30 to elect COBRA continuation?

does it matter if it'd a non-ERISA governmental plan?



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The election period is 60 days from the later of the date the notice was received or the date of the loss of coverage. Are you sure the coverage ends on 6/1? A more normal end of coverage date would be the last day of a month. The end of the election period should be no earlier that 7/30.

Also, I have probably received a half a dozen COBRA notices. They were all received 10 -14 days after the last day of coverage. Never, after separation date. I am not sure if this is a requirement of the law or a convenience of the employer/plan administrator.

You should contact your former employer. At a minimum they have calculated the end of the election period incorrectly. Quite possibly someone jumped the gun on sending the notice.

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I have coverage up to and including 5/31; so 6/1 is date I n longer am covered

I requested the COBRA notice shortly after I left to get figures so I would have enough time to decide which route to take, COBRA for a few months or individual marketplace

I did get a revised notice saying I have until 7/30 to get election form in to them

I assume as long as I have the notice postmarked by 7/30 that will satisfy? i am getting a delivery receipt fro that day

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I concur with "hr for me". You should make sure it is received well before 7/30. There is simply no reason to risk being late. You have an additional 45 days to make payment.

One thing to keep in mind if you are potentially planning on not electing COBRA during a gap in coverage. The short gap exemption to the Obamacare penalty is two full months. Since most coverages end on the last day of the month and begin on the first day of the month, it ends up being limited to exactly two months.

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