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Tom Poje

possible report for 5500 use

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of course these types of things are use at your own risk, but this appears to be working well for our office.

much of the data on the last page is from user defined fields so you won't get much there - or the data won't make sense if you are using the plan spec user defined fields since they won't be the same as fine (I am set for next year's compliance question in the office here!)

about the only thing you have to remember to do is make sure you check the box to pull all accounts including those with no activity or balances. but the report includes a warning reminder for that purpose.

but basically the report will pull the data to check info on participant count for the 5500 including a rough attempt at the 5500-SF

even a random message from the 'cow', because, well, the 'cow' insisted on it.

report will also count # of ees deferring, those who contributed more than the deferral limit (since the IRS apparently is going to start asking for that info anyway, so I wanted to see if I could pull that data as well.

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