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more of my dry humor

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part of my 'tradition' is to send goodies this time of year (Thanksgiving or Christmas) to my co-workers in the other office. I greatly appreciate their help, and my way of saying thanks (This is on my own, would never dream of being reimbursed) well, this started a running gag about cows over the last few years, because the candy is cow themed. I placed an order yesterday, and asked 'Homer' the Holstein to write the people's name on the gift boxes. of course, I forgot to include the names on the order form, so had to send a follow up e-mail with that info, and I included a 'picture' of the animal that makes the horse apple candy. so today out on their face book page, lo an behold the picture shows up. too funny.

it can be found here:


if interested their actual website is


I like the gift boxes that include a sampling of many of the different items. they come in cute white boxes with cow spots and everything. cow pies and moo chews and udder fingers. what more could anyone ask for?

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The following true story is only marginally related, but your bovine stories here brought it to mind.

Many years ago, we had a neighbor up the road who stopped by one day. (I should preface all this by saying that at one time, there was a theory that it was the "wrinkles" on the brain that were responsible for intelligence). This neighbor, who has since passed away, was what might be called a character. VERY bright man, but he talked like a true backwoods type who had never been off the mountain. Somehow, the subject of cows came up. He said, "There ain't NUTHIN as stupid as a cow. Brain as big as a washtub, and not a Gawd D*** wrinkle on it!"

It occurs to me that if this theory were true, there are a whole lot of bowling balls running for election this year. What am I going to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? That the blasted elections are over!!!

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