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Proof that I know nothing, as if any more were needed...

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I happened to find the following item that I posted in a "Humor" conversation back in 2014. How could I have foreseen the horror that awaited (actually, since the Red Sox choked in the playoffs this year, I'm glad the long-suffering Cubbies won).

But just wait 'till next year!!!

"What's a Cubs fan? I thought the last big asteroid strike made them extinct."

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of course the Detroit Lions are in that club.

The claim is that Matt Stafford was injured this week during the game so was wearing a white glove during the rest of the game, though since he insists on pulling things out at the end of the game the white glove is more reminiscent of Michael Jackson and "Thriller".

and even the Beatles are joining in with "No. 9"

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