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Christmas puzzle

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I certainly wish all a Merry Christmas, may God bless all.

or Happy Hanukkah if that is your faith.

my apologies if those 2 statements leaves someone off the list.

in case you have lost the Christmas Song puzzle, here it is.

you probably have to enable editing to enter items in the puzzle, I don't recall.

enter a number in the 'yellow' field, the number is from the song list on the second tab.


note: I attached a slightly different version of the excel sheet. the only difference is at the bottom of the song list. (I had that on my original excel file but attached the wrong version earlier.

The Long Version of the SSQQ Christmas Puzzle is the Original Work of Rick Archer. I share it as my gift during each Holiday Season. Everyone is welcome to reproduce my puzzle for their own private use to entertain students, friends, and visitors as long as you do not charge money. It is meant to be a non-commercial form of entertainment in the original spirit of Christmas Giving.

No one may reproduce any part of the Long Puzzle on the Internet or for any form of commercial use without the written permission of Rick Archer. If anyone sees any part of my puzzle reproduced elsewhere, please let me know. Thank you for respecting my wishes.

Rick Archer

the link to his sit should be on the excel sheet. there are now 150 puzzles available, but he has replaced a number of the pictures and personally I'm not as happy with tehm, but then that is me.

christmas puzzles- 130 to solve .xls

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