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Dang it, it is PI day and you didn't tell me

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I also missed it, but at least I have a valid excuse (not a note from my Mother) - we were in the midst of getting 30+ inches of snow. Fortunately all of the light and fluffy variety. Way better than the hurricanes that Tom has to worry about!

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I have lived here since 1992. since that time, on a few occasions the power has gone off, never more than a day. last year's storm was just bad enough to soften the ground and with wind put a nice lean and slightly uproot my grapefruit tree - maybe about 12 foot tall, but not an overly large tree. that was October, I let the fruit ripen, must have been close to 500 grapefruit and then cut the thing down a few weeks ago (and promptly planted a new tree as soon as they had one in stock).

I'd rather have winter and tulips and daffodils and all the other spring beauty in exchange....

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