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What would you recommend that we send to a newly registered message board user?

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Seems to me that it would be helpful for a newly registered user of the message boards to be given an email that welcomes him or her to the community and that provides certain information that would be especially helpful in getting started.

Maybe a Q&A format.

Does this sound good? What information would you have enjoyed having?


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I'm not sure if there is anything can can be provided that would have a significant impact.  I think the moderators continue to stay atop of the postings to ensure the posts are within the appropriate section.  Other than that, new users would typically get up to speed within a couple of weeks anyway.  Good idea, but I really can't think of anything that would add any value.  We continue to take care of the 'what does your document say' for many questions; and those questions aren't even from newbies :lol:

Good Luck!


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