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so you will be selling all the stuffed toys, trinkets and everything else you have been gathering from the ASPPA conferences on E-Bay to supplement your income. talk about putting away something for retirement, guess you followed that advice wisely.


If I recall correctly (my apologies if I am wrong)

Happy Passover

פסח מבורך

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I've heard that word before ("retired") but thought it only applied to OTHER people who most of us assembled here help to achieve, but I never thought it applied to "brethren."

Congrats and enjoy!

Of course retirement doesn't mean you can't continue to proffer opinions here - don't want the ol' noggin to atrophy....

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Congrats. I'm back after a long hiatus but my 70 th B.D.is a mere 456 days and I'll pull the plug on SS and find my 4th career.

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