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Is this humor, inspiration, or miscellaneous?

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Not sure, but I thought y'all would get a kick out of it. I stumbled across it on another board when doing a Google search for something.

"If that is what the publications say, then that is what I would do. If you do not get a good answer here, try re-posting on the BenefitLinks website. That is where the benefits heavy hitters hang out. "

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what's funny is that I know exactly who posted that (although it is not me).  I hang out on that board too  since my position crosses over payroll and benefits and we often refer benefits questions here (it's more of  a payroll related board and many payroll people have little to no "hitting" in the benefits area *Ü*)  If anyone ever wants to meet some payroll heavy hitters, let me know and I will point you there!

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