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Satisfying ERPA CE requirement

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In the past, I satisfied my requirements with McKay Hochman's annual Retirement Insights class (15 hrs CE) supplemented with some recorded webinars from ASC.

ASC webinars mostly repeat and update each year, and McKay Hochman is no longer (2016 was last class).

I need ideas on where to look for CE and especially a source for several hours credit at a reasonable cost (like I got from McKay Hochman).

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You just missed the ASPPA spring virtual conference.  There's another one in the fall.  John Hancock and Erisopedia do one hour CE's throughout the year.  Not sure if they qualify for ERPA, I know they qualify for ASPPA.  FT William has two regional one day conferences, one June 20th in Rosemont, IL and the other August 8th in Philly.  Cost is $99.  I'm not sure if those qualify for ERPA but the price is right.


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Can anyone help me determine which choices ought to be "on a drop-down search menu" with respect to the kind/category/type of CE that you would want to search for, in order to get a display of matching webcasts and conferences?

Continuing Education Credit
* ______


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