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To post a reply or ask a question, I have to sign up. How do I do that?

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BenefitsLink invites you to register as a user of the message boards, so that you can help your colleagues and show off your expertise by posting a reply to someone's question, or by posting your own question.

Each of your posts can include a hypertext link to your firm in the 'signature' line -- or you can even post a message anonymously by using a 'handle' rather than your real name.

Also, as a registered user you'll have the ability to take advantage of certain functionality that will work only if you have "signed in." Only a registered user can sign in.

Registration is easy and free! Here are step-by-step instructions, with screen shots.

First, look for the "Sign Up" button that's near the top-right corner of the page you're now viewing.

(Click on any of these screens to see a larger version.)



Once you click on the "Sign Up" button, you'll get this screen:


The "Display Name" is what appears as your identity next to any messages you post. Some users choose a "handle" because they can post anonymously, but others prefer to use their real names for various reasons, such as reputation-building, credibility and social interaction. BenefitsLink encourages the use of real names, but feel free to do whichever is most comfortable for you.


Next you'll enter your email address (twice). We use this email address to send you a confirmation email. Other users won't be able to see it.



Next you'll pick a password and then enter the answer to a security question that prevents many casual spammers from registering:



Finally, do the typical Terms and Conditions checkbox jazz (we get a security interest in your first-born child, etc.) and then click the Create My Account button:



... and that's all there is to it!

If you have questions about the sign-up process, please send them by email to Dave Baker at davebaker@benefitslink.com

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  • Dave Baker changed the title to To post a reply or ask a question, I have to sign up. How do I do that?

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