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SSA Relius data to FT William

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this is the report I have been using

SSA report

(saved as excel file)

then copied and pasted into the FT William

8955 Sample

which imports quite easily.

of course, no guarantees use at own risk, but I have been running this for years.

this reports people an A the year following termination not the year of termination.

if someone went from active to ineligible (e.g. person was active but now excluded class) they will show as an A, it will indicate "Verify Data", you might have to delete them from the report.

If terminee is 0% vested it should show person as a D and  indicate 0% vested. Since I am not sure if the person was ever reported as an A (if it was a takeover) they will show up on the report as a D. of course such people should forfeit.


notes on SSA report.doc

SSA .rpt

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