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Participant Limit in Relius

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Hello. Anyone know what the limit is on participants in Relius? I just received a plan with close to 5,000 participants from another administrator in my company. It's not on Relius because of its size, so testing, eligibility is all done manually. Does anyone have a plan this large that is on Relius?


Thank you in advance for all replies!

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I don't think there is any limit. (the old Pentabs system had a limit based on number of participants and accounts, because I broke that on purpose one time just to find what it was)

one of the largest we have (if not the largest) has over 11,000 bodies

start eligibility, go see a movie and maybe by the time you get back...

just kidding, but that one does process awhile. hopefully you can customize reports if you need to look for something quickly.

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