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The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poje

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Once upon a midnight dreary

While I pondered weak and weary

Would I get the plans, to go out the door?

Quote the Raven “Nevermore”


While I nodded nearly napping

Suddenly there cane a tapping

As of someone gently rapping

Rapping at my chamber door

It’s the IRS, whom I abhor.

             (they want more, ever more)


I slave all day, it’s such a pain

All these regs, oh my poor brain.

A raise I deserve, and much, much more

Quote the Raven “Nothing more”


Because of pensions, I have no life

No kids, no fun, nor even wife.

Are these plans the reason, I have nothing more?

Quote the Raven, “No, You are a bore”


The pension laws, change every few years

Brings most of us, to the point of tears

Who made the changes, so we could put away more?

Quote the Raven “It wasn’t Gore”


The pay is bad, the hours long

I often wonder, if I belong

I have no money, I’m always poor

Quote the Raven “Forevermore”


I do my job, I do it well

But all this work, is hell, hell, hell.

The boss is shouting, at my chamber door

Back to work,  Do this, do that and much, much more.

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