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Not Humor, but Hurricane

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current predictions have it hitting Jacksonville as a category 1. I don't live near the beaches and on the evacuation map I live in a white zone - there are 6 color zones plus white, basically, women and children first and as for you Tom, well, best of luck you are low on the totem pole.

sometimes it pays to live where one does, maybe I'm not that close to the beach, but what the heck. I suspect may lose power, but cleaned up the stuff around the house, etc. Last storm knocked out power for less than a day, and most of that was at night so no big loss. we shall see what the 11:00 update says.

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We are in the 3rd evac zone, just outside the flood zone.  My neighbor was in coast guard meetings all day yesterday and as of last night, they are more concerned with wind than floods for my area.  If it comes up land it could be a cat 2 when it reaches the Tampa area. We are prepping for the worst and hoping for the best.



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4 hours ago, Belgarath said:

Hopefully your alligator there won't be able to navigate the greens by swimming on them! Best wishes.

Gatorcane! Claiming dibs on the movie naming rights now! Much better than sharknado.

Kenneth M. Prell, CEBS, ERPA

Vice President, BPAS Actuarial & Pension Services


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Well it looks like you guys are fairly safe on the east coast.  We are still staying put in Tampa.  I'm right between evac zone C and D and even on the current track it isn't likely that they will have mandatory evacuation of C or above.  I'm staying positive.  When this is over we can all have a drink in the bar at Annual and compare pictures of bending trees and water in the streets.  Stay safe everyone!



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Checking in from Apollo Beach / Tampa area.  We got very lucky since she turned east just south of us, pushing the eyewall to our east.  We escaped a direct hit and stayed on the west side of the storm which is considered the "clean" side.   The "dirty" side has stronger wind gusts, more surge, and more tornadic activity.  We still had Cat 1 type winds which is enough to cause damage but most homes will be structurally fine. 

We have some downed trees and some minor roof damage.  The roof damage led to some leaks and we will need to pull some drywall in the ceiling and walls and make sure we don't get any mold issues but that is really more of an inconvenience all things considered.  We also never lost power which is amazing because it is out in all areas around us. 

I spoke to some friends in the Jax/St/ Augustine area and they were having strong winds and power outages as recent as an hour ago.  

I hope everyone is OK, I look forward to hearing good things from all who were/are in Irma's path!



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woke at 12:45 am, power went off and on so hopped out of bed to shut down the computer. at 1 the power went off for good until 11

internet and phone finally came back on at 5:30 or so.

God smiled on me - no damage to the house.

next door the garage flooded.

across the street a large branch fell and dented the guy's car

end of the block a large tree toppled.

elsewhere nearby a few houses had carpeting sitting out front by mid afternoon, so I feel real blessed.

a minimum of 10 inches of rain since Sunday at 9, but dummy Tom only set out a container 10 inches deep. Tom shows little sense answering questions on the links here, short on attempts on humor, and just as short putting something out to measure things.

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by coincidence all my problems were on 9/11 (though most of Florida was a day before)

it will make it east for me to remember


the best part, I get to stay home and only take a 'passing' look of things at work

but then I do have a lot of cleanup, leaf debris and stuff.

the back porch flooded, so need to scrub down some stuff there

hope your repair work won't be bad.

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