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running min distrib globally

Tom Poje

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59e8b28563d84_mindistrib.png.0ddb4dd46840f55c9d57d4590e36b09d.pngNow that 5500 season is over

If you have never run a report globally, follow notes above.

This will produce a report for every plan that has (or might need) a minimum distribution (I ended up with 110 of them - each report will be labeled min distribution report followed by the plan ID).  works only on DC plans (and possibly cash balance plans because they have an account balance)

Report should work every year until they change the min distribution factors.

of course it's a use at your own risk, but I haven't found any differences between the results and the "standard" Relius report. (well, ok, sometimes you have to 'set trade date field' to enable the Relius standard report to pull the actual balance.)

reminder: adjustments may be needed for non-calendar year plans.

Min Distributions Report.rpt

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