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Question #30 test 06/05/97

Guest Jhagan

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Guest Jhagan

What is the refund (exclude earnings) to be paid to HCE 2 to enable the plan to satisfy the ADP test?

-None of the HCE are related.

-PY is 96 calendar year

-No matching or nonelective contributions.

-Gross compensation is used for testing.

EE, Gross Comp, Elective Deferral

HCE1, 150,000, 9,500

HCE2, 100,000, 9,500

NHCE1, 40,000, 1,600

NHCE2, 30,000, 1,500

NHCE3, 20,000, 1,200

Answer is $1,830.00 ???????

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