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Level funded MEWA not self insured? Less than one year?

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Wow, you have many issues here.  Let’s start with the insured/self-funded issue first.  What does the plan documents say about this?  Level funded is a relatively new term, and some people use it loosely, when I started in 1982 we called them retrospective arrangements.  But I would assume it is self-insured.

As for MEWA, there is no requirement that I know of that requires contracts to be insured, now your state may be different, but I doubt it.  So following that logic, and assuming it is self-insured, there is no need to follow state regulations because ERISA governs.

If you are trying to exit the contract early keep in mind the self-insured contract will more than likely expose you/employer to the claims costs.

Lastly, I would double check the program structure and verify that it is in fact a MEWA.  A recent innovation has been the use of a captive to fund benefits.  These captives have multiple employers participating.  

Good luck, and I am available to discuss on phone if you would like.

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