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empower import files

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I assume the empower imports used with Relius are similar to other software.

there are a numbers of files I found to be real useful with FT William govt forms. all can be copied and pasted into excel and worked with.

There is an AHIP file - this contains the schedule of assets data.


the following files all have import files into FT William

There is a PSD file. this is schedule D data.

There is a PSA file. this is the schedule A info. this is in a fixed file format, so have to work a little bit with is in excel to get the data into a format for importing.

PC2 is page 2 of sched C

PC3 is page 3 of sched C

Happen to have a MEP of 35 plan or so, and having the ability to copy these files into excel, summing up the totals and then with a small amount of work pasting that data into FT William import file sure saves a lot of time.

(Along with being able to pull the SSA info from Relius and importing that (this year almost 200 folks for the SSA) really helps.


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