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Excludables Not Determined Correctly


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After upgrading to version 2018.01 (and again still with 2018.1), statutory excludables are not being determined correctly when eligibility is run. 

The issue appears to be limited to employees hired in the first half of the prior plan year, and whose stat entry would be in the second half of the current plan year.  After the initial eligibility run, these ees are incorrectly included in the excludable group.  Running an ADP/ACP with the "Recompute statutory exclusions prior to test" checked correctly puts the ees into the non-excludable group.  (We are using stat entry dates for the determination.)

However, if you have to run eligibility again the same ees are back in the excludable group. 

At first we thought this was limited to our 2018 mid year tests, but in going back to clients for whom we prepared a 2017 ADP test earlier this year, and now are going back to recalculate a profit sharing contribution, for example, we are having the same issue.

Support has determined that this is an issue that is being worked on, and hopefully a fix will be coming shortly, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue, and if so, how you are dealing with it in the interim.


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