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NFL and sports betting

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This was in the news today:

Two prominent NFL owners have a stake in a bookmaker as the first season with expanded legal sports betting in the U.S. gets ready to kick off.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have retained their investments in DraftKings, sources confirmed to ESPN, even as the company has shifted some of its focus from daily fantasy to traditional sports betting.

Kraft's and Jones' stakes in DraftKings are said to be small: less than 5 percent, according to sources. In a court disclosure, 21st Century Fox was the only company listed as owning 10 percent or more of DraftKings.

A Cowboys spokesman said Jones' investment in DraftKings is through sports hospitality company Legends, not the team. Jones and the Steinbrenners, owners of the New York Yankees, have been described as "principal owners" of Legends.

The Patriots declined comment


See, it's ok because


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Baseball will ALWAYS be better than football. Football can never compete with baseball in the area of history for one thing. The players, the myths, hall of famers.  It's played primarily in the summer, it's played daily.    It's a thinking man -- and woman's game. And it's been around since the 1800s! Not so football. Even my husband hates football. Who cares about gambling???

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