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Merger- Approval Request for Change in Funding Method

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I have 2 plans that are sponsored by the same company. They want to merge the 2 plans to make administration easier. One plan has a funding shortfall in the year before the merger and the other plan did not have a funding shortfall. Based on Rev. Proc. 2017-56, it seems like due to the fact that one plan had a shortfall and the other did not, that it does not qualify for an automatic approval. Therefore, we are requesting approval for a change in funding method. Does anyone know if this is required? As of the merger date, due to the assets in the 2nd plan, all shortfall amortizations are wiped out and the plan is over 100% funded. 

From what I can find in Rev. Proc. 2017-4, the user fee is $10,000. This seems excessive given the fact that one company sponsors both plans and the only reason they did not qualify for the automatic approval was the funding shortfall, which is taken care of as soon as the merger takes place. 

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