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Biometrics Wellness Plan Credits- Remote Locations

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My question is about the alternative wellness credit rule and how that impacts biometric screenings in remote work locations. 

We would like to use a national Lab to do our Biometric Screenings. Unfortunately, some of our job locations do not have a national retail lab nearby them. The national lab could send electronic interfaces that would allow wellness credits to be provided to employees without using to much of the benefit department staff. Are we required to provide an alternative solution for biometric screenings for remote work sites that would not have a national lab near them or could those employees be excluded, unless they are willing to drive several hours to a lab retail location, to avoid manual payroll credit entries. In other words, possibly avoiding giving credits for each employee doctors lab work with manual upload files for small town remote locations. At some point we would like to maybe do mail order kits, but not right now.

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