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Another Nondiscrimination testing question

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Working through this - getting there, but still some basic questions.

For purposes of Cafeteria plan Contributions and Benefits (C&B) testing, let's say you have a plan that includes several types of benefits, one of them being health insurance. While the plan was amended to allow for owners to elect pre-tax salary deductions for health insurance, NONE of them have elected to do so.

So it appears that there are three potential tests. First, the "safe harbor for health plans" test under 1.125-7. It appears that this automatically passes, as no HC is paying premiums through the plan. Correct? And the fact that there are other benefits (FSA, dental, vision, whatever) doesn't affect this?

Second - the "availability standard" test. Since the plan has no "employer contributions" and all benefits are available on a nondiscriminatory basis, this passes. Question - does this often fail? Seems like most plan designs would typically pass with no trouble, but I have little experience in this, so I'm curious.

Third - the "utilization standard" - this is just mathematical testing, and will require salary data, etc...

Thanks in advance, and any observations are most welcome!

P.S. When there are HSA "catch-up" contributions, are these included in the testing? In the qualified plan arena, catch-up deferrals are excluded for 415, etc., but I don't know that there is any such dispensation in the 125 world?

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