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Am eligile to participate in SARSEP (set up in 1986), but have reason to believe that employer is not in compliance with IRS regs. In summary:

(1) NO info provided until last year and then all that was said was "we have a plan and you can participate."

(2) Only 2-3 people out of 10-12 employees even knew about it and have been the only participants.

(3) To my knowledge all contributions for the 2-3 empolyees) have been elective deferrals.

Will provide more details if needed. I fear participating because of possible adverse consequences to ME if they are not in compliance. Should I be concerned? PLEASE HELP.I've been researching this for weeks and have found no answers. Today I lucked up and found this board. By the way, Mr. Lessor I have your SEP And SARSEP Answer Book (1997), but it is considerably over my head. Thanks in advance for any help.

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