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View all topics by a particular member, and topics to which he or she has contributed

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Wouldn't it be useful to view all topics started by a particular member, or to which the member has contributed (i.e., added a reply message)? For example, if you find Texas attorney Luke Bailey's contributions to be particularly valuable to you, you can use the message boards search engine to generate a list such as this one (click).

You can get a similar list for any member -- here's one way. When you're reading a topic on the message boards, click on the member's display name (displayed next to each message). Then click on the resulting "See Their Activity" button.

Another way, if you know the member's display name: use the message boards search engine (which, if you're using a desktop monitor, will appear as a box toward the top left of each page on the message boards, with a magnifying glass icon in it, and the word Search...).

  1. Click the word "Search..." in that box
  2. Click the "More Options" radio button
  3. Click Members
  4. Enter the display name of the member that you see being used here on the message boards (sometimes it's a full name, sometimes it's a "handle" of one or more words)
  5. Click the magnifying glass
  6. You'll get a screen that includes a box with brief bio information about the matching member, with a "Find Content" button for you to click.
  7. Fetch a fresh cup of coffee and begin browsing the accumulated wisdom graciously contributed by that member to the employee benefits community!
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  • Dave Baker changed the title to View all topics by a particular member, and topics to which he or she has contributed

Another way if you are already in a posting by that person..you can just click on the name to go to that  profile and then click "see their activity" and get there  a bit faster... Of course that only works if i am on a post that you are participating in.  

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Thanks, Bob! See the attached graphic. This is what it looks like on my PC's monitor.

If your monitor is small (or the particular window showing the message boards on your screen is small), the message boards search feature might be scrunched into the form of a single magnifying glass icon.



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17 hours ago, Bob the Swimmer said:

 I grew up as a Cleveland Indians fan and Browns fan and lived about 10 minutes from the Cavs stadium

You have my condolences, Bob.  Or maybe I should say, empathy. 

(I'm the Cleveland native; Dave is just masquerading as one. )

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