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Do you put a circular 230 blurb in your e-mail

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As an ERPA, do you put a Circular 230 blurb at the bottom of your correspondence?

Just e-mails?  I can't remember ever getting any paper correspondence with that disclaimer on it (nor can I remember I got any paper correspondence from an ERPA).

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No, I do not put it on the bottom of my e-mail. Ilene Ferenczy usually addresses it in her ethics webinars and explains it much better than I can. 

Usually it is explained that the Circular 230 update a few years ago changed the disclosure requirement because the e-mail disclosures weren't really effective disclaimers. The updated guidance says specifically to NOT put one in there. it isn't effective, and probably demonstrates a lack of keeping up with the guidance about Circular 230. 

Here is a quick article on the change. 


My experience prior to the change: yes, I would receive paper correspondence from CPAs and attorneys with a disclosure. 


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