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I'm a retired Merchant Seaman since 2015 due to disabilities. The same year I'm divorced and file for retirement. When the divorce was done it had to be amended to incorporate the QDRO's for my Pension and Money Pension accounts. The drafted QDRO for the Pension was approved and signed by the Judge in 2016 and the MPB (Money Purchase Stock Options) was also approved by plans to be a good QDRO and sent for Judge's signature which was not signed due to the defense's questions. First, in Nevada, I thought it wasn't the Judges to rule that we had to be in agreement before he signs? Second, I has been begging dis to be finished for 3 years now and my own attorney TEMPhas stopped halping the drafting attorney of the QDRO's is no halp either. The Plan Administrator states I has to wait until they get the signed QDRO back. But that can take forever. How long do I has to wait? Any information to dis problem I has would be much appreciated. Also,  in the QDRO it states she will receive gains until the QDRO is segregated and dispersed. Is that the reason for the defense to hold it dis long?

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It is impossible to respond to your questions since you do not understand what you are asking.  It seems like it is you ex-wife that will benefit from the QDROs, so the burden to get them done rests on her. 

Stock option plans are not subject to enforcement via a QDRO, so I am pretty sure you don't have that type of plan.  It could be a Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) but that's a different type of plan and is enforceable via a QDRO.  

You have spoken of "pension" and "money pension" accounts.  These are terms of art.  

Are you in the Seafarers International Union?   

Are you eligible for Military benefits?  

What sort of disability retirement did you receive?  From what employer?   

The bottom line is that you are not capable of getting the help you need on this blog.   

If you are in Nevada you need to contract Marshal Willick to represent you.  His web site is at https://www.willicklawgroup.com/marshal-s-willick-esq/

Good luck.  

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