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Church Plan Parity and Entaglement Prevention Act

Guest Karen Geiger

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Guest Karen Geiger

This law (PL 106-244 formerly S. 1309) was enacted on 7/10/00 and amends Title I of ERISA. It appears to state that (1) a church plan that is a welfare plan is deemed a single employer plan; and (2) a state is prohibited from requiring any church plan to obtain a license as an insurance company or from maintaining a certain asset reserve.

Subsection (d) of the Act, however, appears to require a church plan to be subject to State enforcement (in matters other than (2) above) as if it were an insurer licensed by a state.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to the practical affects of this law?

[Edited by Karen Geiger on 07-12-2000 at 04:53 PM]

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