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HSA - S-corp more than 2% shareholder CA is the contribution subject to UI / SDI

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I am trying to figure out if the Scorp HSA contribution for a more than 2% owner is subject to UI / SDI in CA on quarterly forms.

I am aware that the S-corp HSA contribution needs to be entered on W2 in Box 14 and that Box 1 and Box 16 (State) needs to have the HSA amount of $6900 included .

I have contacted a CPA and was told that Health insurance and HSA are only subject to FIT / SIT not UI / SDI .

Is this correct for CA ? 

The payroll provider did not include the HSA to be taxed for UI/SDI only PIT wages on Ca Quaterly DE9c.  Is this correct ? 

The Edd information sheets states employer contribution to HSA is subject to UI/ SDI is the info sheet referring to non 2% employees who have the contribution reported in box 12W instead of Box 14 for 2% shareholders? 

I would like to know that payroll is correctly paying my taxes . 


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