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Contributions & Benefits testing


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As usual, just want to make sure I'm not missing something. I've just seen a couple of plans that did perform the Key employee concentration test and the DCAP testing. However, they did none of the eligibility or benefits testing.

It so happens that even on a cursory glance, they obviously pass eligibility testing, so maybe they just looked at it informally and, reasonably enough, said "it passes." Ditto for the "Availability Standard" test. However, for the Utilization Standard test, the HCP ratio is app. 10%,and the non-HCP ratio is about 5%. And it looks like this has been going on for about a million years, give or take a year or three...

So, - am I missing something with regards to the Utilization test? Is there some special way around this that I don't know about?

And for the past failures, I'm not aware of any "correction" procedure - if audited, they are screwed, right? All they can do is correct this going forward?

Any thoughts appreciated!

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