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ASPPA Annual Conference

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48 minutes ago, Bill Presson said:

Anyone else attending ASPPA Annual the 19th-23rd? I'll be there as co-chairman and this will be my fifth (and last) year on the committee. We're looking forward to it. Please feel free to come say hello if you see me wandering around.

I sure hope to give you more that a "hello".  Hope hugs aren't politically incorrect!  See you there.

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Also, if you are going, be sure to download the conference app:

Conference Mobile App Instructions:

Step 1: Search App Store for “ARA Conferences App”

Step 2: Once downloaded, search “Annual” (case sensitive) to add the event to your schedule

Step 3: Login with your username (the email address you registered with) and password ASPPA19

Step 4: Click on the event to access the schedule, speakers, outlines and more!


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1 minute ago, RatherBeGolfing said:

My username didn't work but my email address i registered with did.  Just in case anyone else has that issue as well.

App looks great this year Bill!


I thought that info was in the instructions I posted, but I went back and edited it to add.



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