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Seeking Retroactive Reinstatement of VEBA's Exemption; IRS Penalties if Reinstatement Limited from Date of Submission?

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A client with a VEBA had its exemption automatically revoked for failure to file 990s for three consecutive years. Seeking retroactive reinstatement of the exemption. According to Rev. Proc. 2014-11, the IRS will not assess failure to file penalties against the organization if IRS grants the organization's request for retroactive reinstatement. What if the IRS does not accept the argument raised in the reasonable cause statement, in which case reinstatement would not become effective until the date the reinstatement submission was mailed? Would the IRS assess failure to file penalties for the period between the revocation date and the mailing date of the reinstatement filing? Did anyone have this happen in a real-live situation with respect to a client where the IRS rejected the reasonable cause statement and assessed failure to file penalties for the period that the VEBA remained non-exempt?

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