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Relius without SS#s


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We have a client that wants to have us work without their SS#'s.  I know Relius has an Employee ID feature where DERs can be done just with EE#'s. 

Has anyone ever taken this approach? How did it go?  I assume the whole point is to allow us to do the work without SS#'s.  I assume the SS# can be blank?

I realize there will be some inefficiences, but I think I can work around those.  Obviously it's not a 10 person plan so worth a little extra effort! 

Austin Powers, CPA, QPA, ERPA

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They will need to have some procedure for processing/preparing the Form 1099-R for distributions.

Although I have not used the Relius system that way, i was involved in the day-to-day administrative details many many years ago where we used company issued employee ID numbers for processing the client files each payroll (monthly). We had no more problems than any other plan (mainly rehires that inadvertently were given a new ID number instead of keeping the old one). About 8,000 full-time employees. 

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