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Paid out in mid year

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Hi, A Terminated employee was in the DB Plan with zero benefits. This is because the DC plan balance offset his DB Benefit (offset plan). During the 1/1/2018 -12/31/2018 plan year, this terminated employee received his DC Balance (this offset his DB benefit and therefore he did not receive a benefit from the DB Plan). Therefore, he was not included in the 2018 DB Val Report.  The valuation date for the DB Plan is 1/1/2018 (BOY Valuation date) there any way to justify removing this employee from the 2018 DB Valuation (as he received his benefit during 2018, however, it was during the 2018 year, after the 1/1/2018 val date)? Either way the Report numbers are all the same , since he did not accrue benefits under the DB Plan, the only issue is the participant count.----Thank you.

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