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I am just curious how others handle this.

I terminated years ago from a CPA firm.  I had some pre-tax and Roth money in their 401(k).  They used a well known and large platform for their plan.  I tried twice to get all of my money rolled over to my Roth IRA at E*Trade.   Both times it wasn't possible to do it online.  In fact the first time I was told by the person on the phone it isn't legal to roll pre-tax 401(k) money to a Roth IRA. 

I got forced out of the plan after being gone for 7 years this last December.  

The part that still bugs me the most is I got two distributions to Millennium Trust (MTC) and the large platform that had the 401(k) plan charged me the $90 distribution fee per check not for the single distribution event. 

Every place I have ever worked the distribution fee by event not per check.  So if you ask for a payment from a plan and one check goes to an IRA and one goes to you the fee is the same as if you asked for just one check to an IRA.  

But in the end between those fees and the MTC fees I lost around 10% of my money.  I paid those two $90 fees, paid two account set up at MTC and now two distribution fees to MTC to get my money to E*Trade.  To me MTC's fees are more justified they would always set up a pre-tax and Roth IRA on a force out like this and they really had to run two accounts at this point. 

It is the large platform that bugs me.  One because Roth 401(k) money has been around long enough that it seems like it ought to be easy to get an account with a mix of money sent to one place via an online election and two I just don't care for the per check fee.


So once again how often do you see a per check fee vs a per distribution event fee? 

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One distribution, two transactions.  One fee. 

I understand MTC reasoning, they are separate accounts.  The platform charging two fees would bug me too, and I would fight it just to be a PITA if I'm the participant.

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