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EE Voluntary (after tax) Rolled Over

Mr Bagwell

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An employee is sending in some after tax dollars as a rollover to us and I cannot recall a situation like this in my past.   A co-worker researched and determined that this is good to be rolled over to one of our Plans.

That's the details....

What source would you build in Relius to put these funds into?  (I have a call into Relius also.)  Would you put into a rollover source and name it Rollover EE Voluntary?  Not sure if I can track basis with that source.  Would you build an after tax source and name it Rollover EE Voluntary?  I think that opens up the tracking of the basis, but not sure if this source picks up in top heavy calculation and I would think it would be excluded from top heavy calculation.  (of course, it depends on the Plan doc)

Any thoughts on this?

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