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Missed quarterly contributions - notification of participants

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Hello DB Plans Community,

Here is the situation.   I just took over the defined benefit plan.   It has less than 100 participants (but more than 25).  All the participants are either receiving payments or terminated vested (however I am not sure it is relevant to my question).  AFN for 2019 has not been issued yet.  Some of the quarterly payments for 2019 Plan Year have been made late (more than 60 days late it is).  Plan sponsor made the required payments by October 15, 2020 to avoid the funding deficiency for 2019 plan year.  From 5500 has been filed timely without funding deficiency.

I would like to issue the AFN as soon as possible since it was due October 15.  Am I correct?  Do I need to issue a notification to participants regarding the “late quarterlies”?  I believe I do.  If so, I would like to include the language notifying the participants regarding “missed quarterly payments” and “the corrective action” as part of the AFN.   Where can I find a sample of the “notification and correction” language?

Thank you in advance.

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I am not aware of post-PPA model language regarding “missed quarterly payments” and “the corrective action”. However here is the pre-PPA language supported by PBGC at that time: Your plan was required to receive a payment from the employer on <list applicable due date(s)>. That payment <has not been made><was made on <list applicable payment date(s)>


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