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Workflkow tracking software

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If you use one, what type of workflow tracking software do you use to manage your firm's caseload?

Pension Pro?

Pension Pal?

Other software?

In-house database/spreadsheet?

We are looking to alternatives to what we do now.  I've used Pension Pro, and it may be too robust for us.  I'm not sure if there is a scaled-down version, but at the one company I worked for that used it, it seemed a bit complicated with all the task assigning and stuff...

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We use PensionPro and are very happy with it. We have 115 employees in 9 offices (albeit all remote currently) so we do need all the bells and whistles.

I sat in on a webcast yesterday that included some info on this https://try.forcemanager.com/5500-pricing-tpa/

It looked pretty interesting. They have a version specifically for TPAs and I think they are partnering with ERISApedia?

We've had some of our acquisitions use PensionPal and they were happy with that.


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We use Pension Pal & we love it - we're a small office (8 employees) & Pension Pal is easily customizable so you can delete items that you don't want to track for workflow - Pension Pal also contains all of our contact information, handles all of email merges (including year end data request), logs our emails, etc.  It has quickly become the workhorse in our office & we customized it in-house to fit our needs.

I definitely think it's worth the time to have them demo it for you.


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We've been using PensionPal for many years.  We're even smaller than BFlash so we don't need to do a lot of task assigning like Bill's organization probably does, but PP keeps us organized and on target with deadlines.  We also use it for distribution and loan processing.  Works well with Outlook.  It's pretty easy to customize and support has always been accessible.

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We use PensionPro and find it very workable.  Fairly steep learning curve in all of these systems, but once you get them set up, thing go smoothly.  They really make you think through all the steps in your process.  I would caution you about having too many steps since after a while people just check the box and don't really read the task, so it looses some of it's value over time.  PensionPro has a lot of really great features - it is much more than a workflow tool.  It is really a data base that can hold all information on a client, including contacts, documents, communications.  If you buy the whole package, you can automate a great deal of your processes.  It is really powerful, but with every upgrade comes a pricing jump, and the more of them you use, the more you are committed to them for the long term.

That said, our firm was acquired by a larger firm about 2 years ago and the larger firm reviewed several options and selected WorkFront to use as a pure workflow tracker.  Workfront is more of a marketing tool for tracking sales, but we are pounding the round peg into the square hole, and it seems to be working ok.  I am letting another office work out the kinks before we adopt it company wide.  WorkFront was just purchased by Adobe, so we are hoping for some improvements.  It doesn't have any of the database function that PensionPro has, but if you just want to track work inside the company, you might want to check it out.

Make sure you pay attention to the licensing fees.  Some charge per user, others per plan - it can make a big difference in the pricing.  

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