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TPA/ Administrator's Workload

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It's been interesting to read all of the comments. Working within a payroll company is a different world. Not only is one doing the admin of new and existing plans but then one has to deal with payroll. Getting employees set up with their deductions. Getting a new plan set up on payroll. One is also uploading contributions for their payroll clients which is a full time job in itself. Any contribution errors come back to you to research. Payroll doesn't always tell you if a change was made.


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On 7/9/2021 at 8:55 PM, Marissa said:

I am curious about some of the methods you may have used to get more detailed insight on the relative workloads of your employees

The best method is detailed time tracking, but it is a chore most people hate:).  

For admin, it doesn't have to be super detailed, just your basic steps (census work, testing, trust accounting, form 5500, etc).  Tracking these tasks will give you the metrics you need to split the workload appropriately, where to focus training, if some plans could be shifted to another admin, if you are under charging the client, etc.

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