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Tutorial Needed (Ok, a long class....)

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I have been a TPA for very small clients for many years.  I took a *wonderful* class taught by Norm Levinrad at NIPA a couple years ago, and I STILL refer to my copious notes.  I have relied on my software (Datair) to calculate everything for me, and I have more than a general idea of how New Comp works.  HOWEVER, I want to fully understand New Comp.  I have a couple plans that I spend hours on each year, moving peas (ee's) under nutshells (alloc groups) to pass the tests.  But if I fully understood this stuff, I'd feel so much better.  

Is there a webinar, a class, a tutorial, a book - that would explain the basics of New Comp??  A "New Comp for Dummies", if you will.  I feel like a dummy.  I'm willing to pay for this "class" (within reason).

I want to know things like: (1) WHY does a participant who worked 150 hours have to get an allocation?  (2) WHY does the allocation have to go on full year comp, when a participant entered on July 1? (3) How do I calculate (by hand) EBARs?  etc etc etc  Norm's classes were great, believe me, but it was like drinking from a fire hose and I'm still soaked!

Thanks for anyone taking their time to point me in a good direction.  (Maybe there are others who feel the same way?  Maybe we could do a zoom class???)

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