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TPA partnership for lucrative Ethnic market

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I am a financial advisor and my partner is a CPA with her own practice. We are both located in Southern California and service only Asian business owners. After spending most of our careers in the Asian market we have concluded that there is a huge demand and supply gap for a TPA firm to service small business, high income real estate agents, dental practices and other high income 1099 professionals in this market. The current market is dominated by a couple TPAs and we believe there is room for another to thrive. We are looking to start offering TPA service catering to this market. Neither of us have any experience nor interest in becoming a TPA ourselves and would rather partner with a establish TPA who can design and administering qualified retirement plans.

I am writing to see if anyone would be interested in exploring a partnership model. Our job will be to acquire clients and client liaison, we will have our own staff that helps communicate between you and the clients including translations. You will be in charge of all the plan designing and administration work and all other TPA functions. The TPA does not need to be in Southern California but would help if there is not a huge time zone difference.

Please message me if anyone wants to explore this partnership and we can work out the details.

Thank you

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