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Where do the terms "ER" and "EE" come from?

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I know, dumbest question ever, right?


But is it:

1. E[mploye]R & E[mploye]E


2. [employ]ER & [employ]EE


For 20 years, I had always thought of it as one of the above, but someone else's usage just made realize that the other potential source exists.

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2 hours ago, RatherBeGolfing said:

I have always heard #2, and honestly didnt even consider #1 😄


Exact opposite here. I had always assumed #1, and honestly hadn't even considered the alternative, which I think makes more sense, until seeing this. 

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#2 - as those are the letters that differentiate between the two words.   But then again, for efficiency sake (and for the same reason), we could just go with "R" and "E"...


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