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PBGC 500 - excess assets to be transferred to QRP - qualified replacement plan - help with completion

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I have not had an overfunded DB plan PBGC termination in many many years.

The excess is to be reverted to the employer under the provisions plan document, always have been from adoption date which is 2007. There is also a resolution that the excess will be transferred to qualified replacement plan - QRP.

100% of the excess will be transferred to QRP and all participants in the db plan are actively participating in the QRP. Excess is estimated at 300k.

PBGC form 500, line 16a to 17c is where I am having a bit brain freeze to complete.

I would appreciate if someone with this experience can share their knowledge.

Thank you

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16a - yes

16b - $300,000

17a - yes

17b - no

17c1 - enter adoption date of the plan if provision has always been there

17c2 - enter effective date of the plan

This is all the same regardless of whether or not the excess will be transferred to a QRP.

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