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Post PPA restatements

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Anyone remember the song from the '50s "Heartaches"?

"Well, here we go again"

Concerning the PPA restatements, a question was asked about fees, specifically "what is the range TPAs are charging for the documents.

EBRI published their survey on fees charged for the PPA restatments, broken down by prototype, volume submitter and IDP; with highs and lows for each.

I seem to recall the individual who posted the question (and it could have been me), was totally blasted for having the audacity to ask such a question.

Comments like this is a conflict of interest to discuss fees, this is unprofessional, this is against our code of conduct, and something about a servicing agreement.

All we are looking for is a range.  Something like "we have seen" a range of X-Y.

How is that unprofessional, when we are retirement plan professionals asking one another?

How is this counter to the Code of Conduct when we are not only speaking among ourselves and not mentioning a particular client?

Certainly we are not providing documents to our clients out of the goodness of our hearts, not any of us a re charitable institutions; and I'm sure none of us want to charge a fee so high that a client or prospect will walk away.

Just a range - what's the harm?

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I don’t recall the earlier discussion you mention.  But is this plausible:

At least some BenefitsLink users work in business organizations with policies designed to keep people out of communications about prices for products or services if the communications might be troublesome under antitrust or competition laws.

Even if some of those policies and outlooks might be more cautious than necessary, some of our neighbors follow those cautions.

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