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Expanded Availability For Inservice Distributions?

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Regarding the requirements that elective deferrals and safe harbor contributions cannot be distributed to employed participants until they attain age 59.5 (assuming the doc permits such payouts), I was recently speaking with someone who mentioned that recent legislation (he said either the SECURE or CARES Act) now permits inservice distributions from all sources including deferrals and SH money.  I normally defer to him since he's a TPA, but I haven't been able to locate anything in writing that backs up this change - have the inservice rules changed in this respect?   

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CARES allowed it up to $100,000 but only through 12/31/2020 for Coronavirus Related Withdrawals which could be self certified and only for plans that added the CARES withdrawal provisions.

I'm not aware of a general expansion for under age 59.5 other than the hardship exception. If it has been expanded, hopefully someone can point out where.


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19 hours ago, Lou S. said:

CARES allowed it up to $100,000 but only through 12/31/2021 for Coronavirus Related Withdrawals

2021?  or 2020?

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