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amending ps plan provisions after NHCE participant terminated

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I think it is ok but want to see what others say.

Calendar plan for 2021. Only PS provisions. It is cross tested with a DB plan. Top heavy provisions only provided by the PS plan

2 rank&file employees terminated with 1000+ hours but plan has EOY requirement for allocation.

Only one rank&file in the DB and already accrued the 2021 benefit.

Sponsor will terminate the PS plan during 2021. However will continue working for the company.

Sponsor wants to provide PS contributions in excess of gateway requirements (combo testing passes easily with minimum gateway). Cannot do that with an 11-g so need to remove last day requirement.

I can do the amendment now retroactive to 1/1/2021, correct?

I also have a deduction and testing related question but will ask separately.

Thank you

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