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MP Plan - Defined Groups - list in SPD?


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MP Plan, so 'individual rate groups' are not currently an option, nor do they seem to be an option in the current restatements.

So plan uses 'Defined Groups' wherein all regular staff receive the same percent contribution.  Owners, HCE's and other senior positions receive different defined percents which are defined by group.

Question - aside from what the regular staff receives, does the SPD need to disclose what percent the owners and other groups receive?  I think no, but curious for another opinion.

Furthermore, can a Defined Group be an individual person, in the way 'individual rate groups' are?

Reason for the question - there is one defined group that the ER is hiring a new employee in, but they would like to grant that person a higher percent than the other person currently in that defined group, but they have the same public title.

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Here’s the ERISA rule that recognizes using a distinct summary plan description for each class of participants and beneficiaries.


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